About Us

We are the Republican Central Committee of Ottawa County Ohio.


To Preserve, Value and Honor our Constitution


To Support and Create Small Businesses


To Put Patients and their Doctors in Charge of Healthcare, not Unelected Bureaucrats


For Trade Agreements that Put America First

To Confirm all Conservative and Constitutional Judges

We Vote Republican

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Jill Stinebaugh


Jill Stinebaugh received her R.N. Diploma from Flower Hospital School of Nursing in 1969, and her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Bowling Green State University in 1991. After a 45 year career that ranged from critical care nursing to being a nurse paralegal, Jill retired in 2014. She also served on the Ottawa County Board of Health from 1998-2018. After retirement, Republican Politics took center stage in her life. Jill was elected to Ottawa County Republican Central Committee for Harris 3 in 2014. She was Vice President of the Ottawa County Republican Women’s Club from 2013-2014, and then President of that organization from 2015-2018, before becoming Chairman of the Ottawa County Republican Party on May 30, 2018. Jill is a 2016 graduate of the Joanne Davidson Ohio Leadership Institute.

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Nathan Daniels

Vice Chairman

Nathan Daniels joined the Republican Central Committee in 2010, when he was 19 years old. He was a candidate for County Recorder in 2016. He graduated from Genoa Area Schools in 2009. He graduated summa cum laude, with honors, from the University of Toledo with a B.S. in political science. He then went on to graduate with a J.D. from the University of Toledo College of Law in 2016. He was officially sworn in as a lawyer in December 2017. Nate is also active in the community. He has been a co-worship leader in his church for 15 years. He helps maintain landscaping at the Luther Home of Mercy in Williston, Ohio, and occasionally volunteers at Bistro 163 in Port Clinton. Some of Nate’s hobbies include traveling, reading, baking, and cooking. He is also a weather enthusiast.

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ShirLee Eberle


Shirlee Eberle is Treasurer of the Ottawa County Republican Central Committee. She is involved in a number of community organizations, including the Ottawa County Republican Woman's Club and the Oak Harbor Lions Club. 

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Kimberly Fourman


Kimberly Fourman is a pastor’s wife in Port Clinton. She and her husband Deron have 3 children-all of whom she homeschooled through graduation. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Music in 1989 and has used her musical talents by playing the piano for her church, weddings and funerals, organizing children’s musical programs and teaching private piano lessons. She began working as a poll worker in the early 90’s when they lived in West Virginia, and has happily continued to do so in almost every election here in Ohio.  She was elected to the Ottawa County Republican Central Committee for Bay Township in 2018, and now serves as the Secretary for this organization

2018 - 2022 Ottawa County Republican Central Committee
  • Allen 2 - Ann Mann*

  • Allen 3 - Fran Cranfield

  • Allen 4 - Nathan Daniels*

  • Bay - Kimberly Fourman*

  • Benton 2 - Jennifer Widmer

  • Benton 3 - Terry Lowe*

  • Carroll 1 - Philip DeLuca

  • Carroll 2 - Linda Amos*

  • Catawba 1 - Toni DeLuca

  • Catawba 2 - Diane Belden

  • Catawba 3 - Connie Focht

  • Catawba 4 - Paul Druckenmiller

  • Clay 1 - Eric Hise

  • Clay 2 - VACANT

  • Clay 3 - Martin Sutter

  • Clay 4 - Joel Mann* 

* Indicates Executive Committee Member

Adopted 05/08/2018 - Revised 07/19/2021

  • Danbury 1 - Karen Hritz

  • Danbury 2 - Cal Smith*

  • Danbury 3 - VACANT

  • Danbury 4 - Michelle LeCrone

  • Danbury 5 - David E. Baker

  • Erie - Brian Hild*

  • Harris 1 - Sam Preston

  • Harris 3 - Jill Stinebaugh*

  • Harris 4 - John Fletcher*

  • Portage 1 - Dale Muetzel*


  • PC2A - Lisa Slobodzian

  • PC3A - Marcia Hattan

  • PC4A - Debra Hymore-Tester*

  • Put-In-Bay - George Stoiber*

  • Salem 1 - Toni Douglas*

  • Salem 2 - Nikki Tabbert

  • Salem 3 - ShirLee Eberle*

  • Salem 4 - Lisa Togerson

  • Salem 5 - Bonnie Garner*