Century Club Fund

Dear Republican Friends,

Greetings from the Ottawa County Republican Party. 2020 was a very successful election year. We won all our county-wide races: State Representative, State Senator, Commissioner (X2), Prosecutor, Treasurer, Recorder, Clerk of Courts, and Juvenile and Probate Judge. It was a sweep! Our Ottawa County Courthouse is red for the first time – ever! 

We are now turning our attention to the 2022 races in Ottawa County, as we look at two county-wide races, a Gubernatorial election, and very important U.S. Senate and Congressional races. 2022 is pivotal. The Party needs to raise the funds necessary to support a headquarters and expenses, and to donate to our local Republican candidates.   We are asking for donations for our Century Club Fund.  One-hundred-percent of your contributions will be reserved for and spent on local campaigning. 

With the liberal policies coming out of Washington D.C., we must continue to be strong at the local level. That is where our focus and power lie: Ottawa County. We have started a Tri-County (Ottawa, Erie and Sandusky Counties) Young Republicans Club. The next meeting is on February 14, 2022. The Ottawa County Republican Party will be strongly supporting this effort. 

We are asking for your help.  Your check made payable to the Ottawa County Republican Party ‬for Century Club membership ($100.00 per individual or $150 per couple) may represent the difference between winning and losing these upcoming critical elections. We would encourage you to join our Golden Elephant Club for $250 or more. We are planning a Century Club “Thank You” Breakfast on Saturday, May 7th at the Knights of Columbus Hall in Port Clinton, with Ohio Treasurer Robert Sprague speaking. Invitations will be sent to Century Club and Golden Elephant Club members. 

Please consider supporting our Century Club by sending your donation to the Ottawa County Republican Party (Century Club), ShirLee Eberle, Treasurer, 325 Benton Street, Oak Harbor, OH, 43449. You can contribute directly online below.

As leaders in our Party, we count on and appreciate your support. We plan to work hard to extend the progress we made into the future. We hope that you will plan to be a vital part of our team in 2022. For questions, please call Jill Stinebaugh at 419-367-3630.  


Thank you!  

Jill Stinebaugh                Linda Amos        
Chairman                         Finance Committee Chair

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